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How to take care of your golden Hinoki Cypress Bonsai tree

Chamaecyparis Obtusa Crippsii Bonsai Care

About Golden Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Tree

Hinoki Cypress is a Japanese evergreen and the smallest of cypress species. The golden variety has a lovely golden hue to the foliage, which makes it an interesting topic for bonsai.

It is a coniferous tree with layers of golden fan-like foliage that looks like scales.

It has a dark brown red bark that quickly looks ripe.

This is an outdoor bonsai tree and is remarkably hard.


Golden Hinoki Cypress is an outdoor tree that needs protection from the harsh winter weather. Bury the bonsai tree up to its luggage compartment in mulch as the temperature approaches freezing at night to protect it from the worst of the frost.

Alternatively, place it in an unheated shed or garage to help it rest while protecting it from the elements.


Golden Hinoki Cypress, like most bonsai trees, will die if it dries out. It has much water in well draining soil. Never allow it to dry completely. Not even in winter!


Golden Hinoki Cypress doesn’t care how moist or dry it is. But if you winter it in the shed or in the garage, a suitable drip tray will keep things clean as you water.


Since your Golden Hinoki Cypress bonsai is in a small pot and not the ground, it needs nutrients. A slow release (pellet based) fertilizer is perfect for this and can be added sparingly every other month during the growing season.

Pruning and trimming

Cut back the new growth to the longest safe point that looks good to you – but never remove all the new growth.

A regular trim will help you keep your Golden Hinoki Cypress bonsai tree short, while the trunk becomes thicker.


Repotting must be done regularly on your bonsai, Golden Hinoki Cypress included, when its root system has filled the pot. If you can clearly see roots coming out of the bottom of the pot, it’s time to reposition your bonsai.

Generally, this means 2-3 years for a deciduous tree and 4-5 years for an evergreen. Golden Hinoki Cypress, which is constantly green, will need to be re-placed every 4-5 years depending on its environment.

Staining should be done in the middle of summer, when the tree is in the least fragile state.

Your Golden Hinoki Cypress bonsai, along with all its soil, should be removed from the pot. From there, you can trim away at most one-third of the root mass (1/4 preferred.)

Then you can reposition the tree in the same pot, or give it a newer / larger pot to thrive in.

After repotting, your bonsai Golden Hinoki Cypress should be watered thoroughly.

Diseases, insects and other pests

Your Golden Hinoki Cypress Bonsai can be treated for pests like a normal Golden Hinoki Cypress tree. Just remember that your tree is miniature and will need a much smaller and more gentle dose of treatment.

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